Robert & Tiffany

I am ecstatic that Tiffany and Robert's wedding day is right around the corner. These two were a blast to photograph, natural born models, and anyone who saw us being silly that beautiful Saturday morning knew these two were madly in love! If the engagement session is any kind of peak into their intimate wedding, my face and my stomach are going to be hurting by the end of the night. 

Robert and Tiffany have been together for seven years now and on June 14, 2014, they will make it "official" and move on to the next beautiful chapter in their lives. I am very lucky to meet such great people while doing something that I love to do. Thank you very much for allowing me to capture this joyous time in your lives. I hope for the best of times, love, and laughter for you both. I truly enjoyed my time with you, I hope you enjoy your photos! 

They have too much fun together! If there is such a thing :)

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Thank you both again for giving me such a wonderful opportunity! xo